The two main types of users in the loades category are the producers and the merchants. Both are always preoccupied with moving merchandise from one to the other. Products need to be shipped, for sales to start moving. Naturally, producers will want to ship their products, so that merchants can put them up for sale. That being said, it is clear that the logistic activities of the two interlink, and optimizing transportation in this sector can considerably aid the businesses of both producers and merchants, by moving supply faster and at minimum costs.

LogisBoard’s main mission is exactly that. As virtually no producer or merchant has the full logistics capacity to assure a continual shipment as requests come in, LogisBoard is the optimal platform to search for truckers that are ready to transport any products from point A to point B, at minimum costs and at required dates.

LogisBoard creates a win-win market for both loaders and truckers!

loader in freight exchange