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LogisBoard.com is a load board / freight exchange system that joins together available freight, trucks and freight forwarders across the American continent. The system offers Free Registration ✅ and Free Platform Use, regardless if you register as a trucker, freight forwarder company, merchant or producer of loads.

LogisBoard.com is available for use for both local and international transport offers. Using the LogisBoard.com freight exchange is simple, and it offers loads of features from listings management to advanced filters that allows everyone to search for the right offers.

As a trucker or freight forwarder, LogisBoard helps you reduce the number of empty kilometers by finding freight on your return route or on other new route, depending on your preferences and availability. Cargo loaders can use the freight exchange platform to find truckers matching their requirements, such as loading and unloading dates, vehicle types, weight capacity and others.

Registration is free on LogisBoard and all users can post unlimited trucks or loads in the freight exchange/load board system. Besides the basics, several Premium features are also available to more advanced users. Agent accounts can be associated to the main account, offering access to multiple users to manage the company's list of available trucks or loads. Unlimited contact requests and ratings are also part of the Premium package that LogisBoard offers its users.

LogisBoard.com Load Board / Freigt Exchange

A load board / freight exchange's main goal is to help cargo loaders cover their transport needs. Having given quantities of goods and wanting to transport them from a location to another, these users will use the freight exchange system to announce their offer and bring it to the attention of any available truckers / trucking company. Therefore, the transport exchange also helps the carriers partner up with producers or merchants, find loads that they can transport and grow their businesses.

The load board / freight exchange system provides solutions for any type of transportation at optimal prices, in safety conditions. All you have to do is access the load board and register an account, then you can publish your offers: you can list a truck that you can fill with goods for transportation, or you publish your loads that need to be transported from a region to another.

LogisBoard is a load board / freight exchange system available in the American continent, that provides professional and secured services at optimal prices. LogisBoard runs as an online platform / application, meaning it is available anywhere, anytime, on any device with an internet connection. The interface is easily accessible, intuitive, easy to use and adaptable to your needs. Therefore, whether you manage / work for a small or a large business, you can register an account and become an active user on the website, and even add more contact persons to your account, if more employees of the company can be given access to managing the trucks or loads that are available for transport in the American continent.

LogisBoard is available in 4 languages, which makes the platform accessible for many people around North, Central and South America. Furthermore, there are multiple loads and trucks available every day that are being matched instantly by the system, encouraging the creation of new business partnerships with many benefits and gain on each part.

How does the system work? It is very simple! After registering, you can log into your account and, depending on your business profile (trucker / trucking company, freight forwarder or loader / manufacturer / trading company), you follow the next steps accordingly. As a trucker / trucking company, you can add available vehicles to fill with cargo and other details about the transportation capacity, the availability, the route and so on. After completing and publishing a listing, you can wait to be contacted. Forwarders that have loads to transport will be notified of your newest published listing if it matches their routes, and they can reach out to you to see if you can partner up. If you are in a hurry and don’t want to wait for others to notice your offers, you can search a listing that matches your offer by yourself. The same process goes on if you have goods that you need to get moving: you publish the loads by adding a listing in the proper category and then you can match with a trucker that has the means to take the freight to the place you need it to be. After working with a user, you can rate them based on the satisfaction of your collaboration, and they can also do the same thing with you. This way, your profile can be improved and become more trustworthy, as other users will see your ratings and be able to decide whether or not to establish business partnerships.

The numerous advantages that the load board / freight exchange system include some of the most profitable opportunities of cooperation in the shipping and storage departments, great financial gain, increased speed and business safety, easy management of loads, flexible loading and unloading destinations and dates anywhere in your state/country, anywhere in the American Continent, and high professionalism in responding to client's needs. LogisBoard aims to be the best website that facilitates the connection between shippers and carriers, the American exchange / load board that thoroughly aids its users to develop their businesses efficiently!

We have also put together a simple tutorial that you can watch that gives you detailed information on how to use the LogisBoard load board / freight exchange system. Hopefully, this can help you truly understand how everything works and you can start using LogisBoard immediately, by registering and adding your own transport listings.

6 Reasons to choose the LogisBoard load board / freight exchange

  • LogisBoard is a multi-national load board / freight exchange system that provides its users with professional and secured services, at great prices;
  • LogisBoard runs as a website, which means that it will be available anywhere, at any given time, on any device with an internet connection, making it easy for its users to reach out for its services whenever they are needed;
  • The system is based on an intuitive, simple procedure, that can easily be understood and used by anyone who wants to promote their logistic/transport business;
  • The interface is easily accessible and completely adaptable to your needs. Whether you have a small or a large business, you can register an account on the platform. Adding more contact persons to your account, in case you have many employees that can manage your trucks or loads is as easy as everything else;
  • You can save time with the search of a suitable trucker for your loads or loads for your truck by filtering the offers on the LogisBoard system as you wish;
  • Every company can be rated for the services they provide and the good communication they exert through the LogisBoard platform, so you can always check to see if you can trust a company by checking their respective rate.
  • LogisBoard.com is operated by a company with a vaster experience in freights and logistics, also operating the European freight exchange EUlogis.com.


    The registration on LogisBoard.com is free, and the access to your account will always be free. All free accounts registered on LogisBoard.com can manage their details and information they share, add an unlimited number of listings with loads for transport and/or trucks to fill. All accounts can also opt for getting instant notifications via email when a listing is published in the load board / freight exchange platform that matches any of their active listings and routes. The ContactOK-enabled account adds extra options like availability to see more listing info, alongside listing publishers’ contact details and initiate a discussion regarding the respective transport via internal Chat.

    Claiming your ContactOK features is also free! Simply upload your company documents in your account details page (a scan/photo of your company registration certificate) to have your account verified by one of our support team members. The ContactOK features will be activated immediately upon your company verification and you will also receive an e-mail confirmation when that happens.

    Growing your business

    Our load board / freight exchange website can help anyone grow their business. With LogisBoard.com you get access to numerous available loads and vehicles across the American continent. Given the amount of available listings, truckers or trucking companies can try to maximize every opportunity by publishing their own vehicles, and loaders can lower the costs of their logistic operations - join the LogisBoard load board / freight exchange for great transport opportunities today!