Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Is registration and use of system free?

    A: Yes. Registration and use of system is free. However a Premium feature is also available that offers more advantages to users.

2. Q: How do I post a listing in the LogisBoard system?

    A: To post a listing in LogisBoard system you need to login first. Once logged in, go to "+ Add listing" option and fill in the required details. Based on your listing profile, if you have an available truck to list, you will need to add the vehicle in the "My cars" section before creating your listing.

3. Q: How do I search among the LogisBoard transport offers?

    A: Searching among the LogisBoard transport offers is simple. In the LoadBoard page you have a list of filters in the left sidebar. Use these filters to narrow the listings shown based on your requirements. For the location (From and To) filter, only the country level is mandatory - the Region and City filters are optional so that in case you don't find a transport offer based on your requirements at City level, you can broader your search to Region level where more offers may be available and contact any of the listing owners to discuss your location.

4. Q: How do I contact a listing owner?

    A: If you found a transport listing that suits your needs, you must contact the listing owner to discuss the transport order and book the transport. Click on the "Contact" button in the listing you are interested. The button will open a pop-up window with the contact details of the listing owner. You will have a phone number and Chat option. We recommend discussing your order by phone first and then confirm the details in the Chat section. When you have agreed on all details, Book the listing offer to close the deal.

5. Q: I have different notifications in my account. What do I do?

    A: Your LogisBoard account may show different notifications from time to time. In such cases, actions are required from your end. It may be a chat notification, it may be a book request for your listing, it may be a rating request for your completed orders. In either case, simply by following the notifications you will find the action you should take and clear your account.

6. Q: Why don't I receive notifications for my processed transport orders?

    A: The ratings are a feature available to Premium users only. In order to receive ratings for your processed orders on LogisBoard, you should have a Premium account. Ratings are helpful in creating an extra layer of security among LogisBoard users as the more good ratings a user will have, the more trust will create for other potential business partners to book their listings.

7. Q: How do I become a Premium user?

    A: Becoming a Premium user is simple. Login to your account and follow the Become Premium links to upgrade your account status.

8. Q: What are Agent accounts for?

    A: Agent accounts are sub-user accounts that can access and manage the same company offerings. If you are a company that manages many transport orders, be these as carrier, loader or freight forwarder, and need more people to access your LogisBoard account and manage your listings and transport bookings, Agents are the type of accounts you need.

9. Q: How do I verify a loader/carrier's credibility?

    A: Credibility of loaders/carriers can be verified through our Rating Certification system. Each offer listed on LogisBoard freight exchange system will come with offer and contact details. The listing owners will have several rating criteria listed next to their details. These ratings can be redeemed only after each successful booking order processed through LogisBoard. Hence, the more active a partner is, the more and better ratings will get. You should always aim to work with best rated listing owners.

10. Q: How do I confirm a transaction?

    A: Once you are part of a booking (load or vehicle booking) on, you will be able to review and rate the other party for services provided. Each party has a different set of ratings criteria. The ratings can be submitted only after the transport was processed and transaction was concluded. We do not recommend making any transaction ratings before having all loads delivered and documents and payments done between the loader and carrier.